B(ac)on Voyage Party!

Our good friends Chris and Leslie threw a lovely going away party for us last night, themed "B(ac)on Voyage" (Chris lost the party naming with his entry of "Chor-revoir"). Obviously the theme of the evening was bacon. Leslie really outdid herself, making bacon-infused bourbon to power the Bacon Old Fashioned cocktails -- a delicious blend of bacon-infused bourbon, maple syrup, bitters, and orange. It was meant to be a bit of a joke, but they really turned out well. The bourbon was just a bit smoky and a great match with the maple syrup and bitters. (The real proof of excellence is that Michelle stole my drink after tasting it.)

Bottle of bacon-infused bourbon Leslie with yummy bacon-maple-chocolate chip cookies.

Leslie also made bacon-maple-chocolate chip cookies, which tasted for all the world like chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup and bacon -- yummy -- as well as BLTs (always delicious). There were a whole host of other good foods too, but I admit, I only had eyes for the bacon flavored treats (no surprise).

Once we were fed and watered, the guests rocked out to Rock Band 2 (with the hot new Fender Precision Bass ). This was a surprisingly good group of Rock Banders, especially given the high average age of the party-goers. There are definitely some good songs in RB2, so I think we'll have to get a copy before we go.

All-girl band rocking out to the Go Gos. Joe doing his best Steve Perry impression.

For another view of the evening, here's Leslie's account.

Obviously, huge thanks to Leslie and Chris for hosting the party and to all our friends who shared the evening with us. We're lucky to have such great friends and will certainly miss them once we move to Beijing. Hopefully, we'll see everyone a bunch both in Seattle and Beijing.

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Leslie Evans Reply

Fun night! Thanks for giving us an excuse to go ... HOG WILD! As a preemptive measure for any whiskey purists out there, I have since learned the Jack Daniel's is technically not bourbon, courtesy of this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/382525

On a somewhat related note, Mr. Chor, I find it fascinating that you have both Charlie and Jack Daniels sharing side-by-side posts!

Ken Reply


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