Getting Ready to Go Camping

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As I wrote back in January, I resolved to take the boys camping this year and had booked a camp site. The fateful weekend is now here; we leave tomorrow afternoon for our big adventure at Deception Pass State Park. I think I have everything I need and just need to pack now.

We're all pretty excited, but I admit I'm a little nervous about how it will turn out since this is the first time I've ever really camped. Plus, the weather forecast is a little dicey (70% rain, 50% rain, 20% rain for the three days...). I'm sure we'll make it work.

Anyway, see you on the other side...

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Connie Reply

Hey- don't forget the canned bacon!

Tony Reply

Rest assured, I'll have some nice Niman Ranch bacon for this trip...

jeffdav Reply

Never camped? I am a bit surprised.

Anyway, you'll probably find there are two are three things you really wish you had brought and about twenty things you wish you hadn't brought.

Here's my guide:

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