Whole Foods Black Forest Bacon

We just had the Whole Foods branded Black Forest Bacon for breakfast this morning. Yum. It was meaty with just enough fat to be scrumptious and had a hint of sweet smoke.

You can find this treat in the meat case at Whole Foods. You'll probably see me in line at the Bellevue store getting more...

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smeredith Reply

Yes, my absolute favorite bacon in the world!

Ian Reply

Hi Tony,

As a new hire at the Bellevue Whole Foods Meat Dept, I was doing a little research on our products and stumbled across your post. Glad you're a fan - hope to see you around.

Take care,


Mischa V Reply

After scouring other supermarkets for gourmet bacon, there is nothing like this stuff! At only $7-8 a lb it's a great deal!

Daphne Reply

This is definately the best bacon ever! Just wish I knew what it was cured in?! It's so good, I want to marinade pork chops in it!

bacon Reply

It is cured with molasses from what i was told

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