Revolution Money Exchange

OK, I'm a sucker for "free" money. Ted Leonsis and Steve Case of AOL fame have started a new company to do electronic funds transfer, like PayPal, but without the fees for person to person transfer. I don't get their business model yet, but they're giving $25 to people who sign up for new accounts before May 15, 2008. They're also giving $10 for referrals, so if this sounds interesting to you, click the link below so we both get a little something...

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

(Thanks to Leslie for the tip. She got my $10...)

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Leslie Evans Reply

Oh, that was you! Thanks! (It doesn't tell me who signs up.)

One bit I heard about their biz model: PayPal pays you interest on your money that they're holding....these guys don't. IOW, they make interest off your money.

Not mine! I whisk it into my bank account as soon as it shows up!

Tony Reply

Unfortunately, it looks like this site is now defunct. I guess it never really took off.

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