Lego Halo

OMG, I can't wait. Two of my favorite video game franchises in one. Read the whole article here.

Lego Halo screenshots

Thanks to JFM for the link.

(Update: Here's the original article from

(Update 2: I guess you really can't believe everything you read on the internet. I missed the fact the original article posted on April 1st. It would still be cool. Really. I'm going to go sulk now.)

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yukino Reply

You do know that was an April Fools joke, right?

Trev Reply

The original 1Up article was posted on April 1st :)

Tony Reply

Well crap. I guess this is the joke that keeps on giving.

It would still be cool. Just sayin'.

Leslie Evans Reply

I feel for you, Tony. I got fooled good by the ThinkGeek April 1st mailer:

(I plead jetlag and the fact that I was in Japan where I was seeing all sorts of freaky electronic stuff so this didn't seem that weird!)

bob mccicken Reply

Well f*** they should though am I right?

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