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Andrew (10) has been working on a report on John Jay for quite some time so we talked about it a bit at dinner this evening. I asked Andrew what John Jay did. Andrew proceeded to list off his accomplishments:

  • Signed the Declaration of Independence
  • President of the Continental Congress
  • Active in counter-intelligence during the Revolution
  • Secretary of Foreign Affairs (now Secretary of State) under the Articles of Confederation
  • Co-author of the Federalist Papers
  • First Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court
  • Governor of New York State

Throughout this, Michael (7) was unimpressed. Then, Andrew said "he went to Spain" (as the ambassador to Spain), Michael lit up and said "woo".

I guess all those other things were less cool than visiting Spain. Michelle then pointed out that she had just been to Spain. Michael was appropriately impressed there too. Not sure where his Spanish thing comes from. Guess we'll need to go to Spain sometime.

(I actually didn't know anything about John Jay before Andrew's report. Impressive dude. He helped free all the slaves in New York before he died too.)

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