Zuiikin English videos

I've said it before, the Japanese are weird. These videos are part of a set that apparently tries to teach English through a weird combination of skits and dancing; while this is nutty enough, the phrases they choose are odd and funny.

Here are a few gems:

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Kristen Reply


Leslie Evans Reply

Thanks a lot. That made me laugh so hard I now have a bad case of diarrhea.

ss.teo Reply

The combination of 'TAKE ANYTHING YOU WANT' with the dance looks like the girls were trying to offer themselves. LOL

Gene Burrus Reply

So what I want to know is why the Japanese would ever travel to the US if they think some of the key phrases they'll need to learn are:

"I have a bad case of diarrhea."
"Take anything you want."
"Please spare me my life."

Not what I'd call a vacation I'm looking forward to.

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