Congrats to MIchael Chang

Michael Chang, the professional tennis player, was elected to the International Tennis Hall of Fame recently. (Here's the NY Times article on the matter.)

Michael probably doesn't remember, but his mom was my babysitter for a summer a long time ago back in Minnesota. There weren't tons of Chinese families in the area at the time; they lived near us, so our families were social. I think my parents are still in touch with his.

I have a distinct memory of playing ping pong with Michael and his older brother Carl. Michael was barely tall enough to see over the table, but he was quick and aggressive, slamming the ball despite his height.

They moved away to California so the boys could play tennis more earnestly. Obviously, it was a good call.

Michael was the first world-class Asian-American professional athletes I can recall. The whole community rallied behind him; even today he's a big celebrity in the Chinese-American community.

I see on Wikipedia that he lives on Mercer Island here in Seattle. Maybe I'll run into him again sometime. (For more, here's his official site.)

Anyway, congrats, Michael!

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Steve H Reply

Makes you wonder what would have happened if he stayed in Woodbury. I think the high school tennis coach was Mr. Mortenson??? I'm surprised I learned as much Physics as I did!

I don't remember the Chang family. I moved to Woodbury when Michael Chang was about 5. I was 10. I'm sure they were in the area at the time. The name does sound a little familiar, but that was many moons ago!

chook Reply

I thought mortenson taught girl's golf but i could be wrong. I think he learned more physics from us than we did from him.

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