Quick Update

Our move went well despite the fact we had a crazy rainstorm the day of the move (nothing like dragging everything you own through a downpour.) Fortunately, the movers did a pretty good job keeping things neat and dry (hats off to Hansen Brothers Moving).

We're mostly unpacked now; we even have the cars in the garage. We also have the old house pretty well cleaned up and ready to sell; it should list tomorrow.

Unfortunately, we still don't have real internet access; we've had to continue to use our T-Mobile Dash mobile phones as modems like we did after the big windstorm last year. (For those who read my Comcast rant, I decided to follow the advice Adam left in my comments to use Speakeasy. I'll blog about them later, but so far so good. We should have service about a week from now.)

Just as we are getting settled in, it's time to go again. I'm chaperoning Andrew's (10) fifth grade class (actually, three classrooms) for four days and three nights at Islandwood, an outdoor education camp on Bainbridge Island (about a 45 minute ferry ride from Seattle). I think moving or work would be easier, but it should be interesting. Wish me luck.

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Connie Reply

Impressive. This trip seems a big leap from the days you led Cub Scout evenings...

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