I Love My Zune 8


I can't stop playing with my new Zune 8. It's lovely to look at and hold, the UI is great, and the sound is super. I had no complaints with my iRiver Clix, but since Urge, the subscription music service I was using, merged with Rhapsody, I had to find a new music player (I would like to avoid give Real any money ever.) Contrary to what Steve Jobs asserted, some people (including me) really prefer all-you-can eat subscription music over purchasing songs $.99 at a time.

The only real complaints I have are around accessories. I couldn't find any cases or armbands for the Zune, which I need before I can use it running (I dropped by Clix several times, so I know I need some kind of protection for the Zune). Also, my car has an iPod adapter; as far as I know, there isn't a Zune-to-iPod convertor, so I may be out of luck there. I'm sure at least the case/armband issue will resolve itself in a few weeks, but I'm a bit stuck on the car thing.

I'm a pretty tough critic of the work we do at Microsoft; as cool as some of our stuff is, we can definitely do better. However, once in a while, we do something very slick. The new Zune is one of those times.

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KymPossible Reply

*sigh* you are right. My husband just got his Zune 8 and I not only have hardware envy, I have a sense of guilt over owning an iPod instead. Not only is the Zune music subscription service great and the sound amazing, the marketplace software UI is sooooo good. Way more user friendly than I find the iTunes for Windows users to be.

AJ Reply

I'm in the same boat. I love my new Zune 8 and I have used it running, but I really need an armband. I also really wish Microsoft would develop a partnership with Puma or Asics and have products like the Apple/Nike relationship. The longer it takes for these things to happen, the more I lean towards going back to an iPod.

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