I Hate Comcast

I know this is like saying ""I hate evil" or something similarly obvious. We're buying a new house (more on that later). Obviously, we need Internet service and cable is generally the fastest connection type around, so I didn't even think about who to use. I went to the Comcast website to get service and figured we might use them for phone service too (reminder: we don't have TV).

I went through their long wizard to order my service and was connected to their chat service to confirm a time for the installation truck roll; I thought this was a nice touch and better than waiting for a call back. I was "on hold" for about an hour (terrible), but it got worse from there.

The service person proceeded to ask me everything I had already typed in only to say that she couldn't transfer my service since the new address wasn't in her database. It's a new house. Don't people who are moving into new houses ever need Comcast service? Their site couldn't have flagged this an hour ago before I wasted this time?

Now, I have to call the local Comcast office. What's worse, she couldn't transfer any of the information I typed to the local office, so I'll have to do the whole thing on the phone again. Lovely.

I am going to spend some time looking for alternatives to Comcast broadband now. Why do companies make it so hard to give them money?


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Adam Reply

I'm really happy with Speakeasy. There's a little pricier, and totally worth it. When I wanted to go very deep on privacy activity, their L2 support person actually answered all of my questions in English.

Irene Reply

When we moved, we tried SBC/AT and T, and they were TERRIBLE!!! After 3 weeks of "oh, you must have the wrong kind of wire in your house; oh, you didn't set up your modem correctly," a tech finally came out to the house, and informed me that our house was too far away from the central station to get any signal!!!!!! Excuse me, but you couldn't have told me this over the phone when I first ordered the service?!? We switched to comcast, and actually, they are fine for us.

John Reply

I made an appoitment at the local office in Aspen, Colorado. Was told the service installer would be able to do the install the next day from 1:00pm to 5:oopm. He never showed. I called the 800 number and was told the person who took my order gave me the wrong date. So I just took a half day off work for nothing and you want me to do it again.. FORGET IT! The saying that a happy customer tells one other person and an unhappy one tells ten, I will be telling everyone that will listen about the poor service I got from Comcast.

Blake Leonard Reply

I am right with you John - Aspen, Co. I've had service with Comcr*p (acct. 8497505300194397) in Aspen for several years, and the customer service is nonexistent, rates continually go up - customer service.... actuualy you can't get any worse. abhorrent, rude, thoughtless, demeaning, arrogant, "Comcast customer service" - oxymoron? I think so! Oh yeah my favorite -"can spend five hours waiting around for us and if this is not our fault we'll bill you for our time" I guess giving these jerks $1200 a year dosen't get you customer service.

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