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Dan Bergin

I just got some horrible news. In the big windstorm we had yesterday, a kiteboarder died on Lake Washington; the victim was Dan Bergin, skipper of Papa, the boat I sailed on last September. Apparently, it was a freak accident, but I don't have more details. I'm in a bit of shock. I just saw Dan a few weeks ago at the Seattle Boats Afloat Show. He told me about his new boat, and we were trying to find a good time to go see it.

I really respect Dan and the way he lived his life. He was an Annapolis graduate who served our country flying EA-6B Prowlers off of carriers, flew for Delta Airlines, and then left all of that to pursue his passions of skiing and sailing. He really enjoyed life and people; he was fun and irreverent most of the time, serious and professional when needed. It's fitting that was doing something he truly loved until the very end. In the talk he gave about long distance cruising at the Boats Afloat Show he reminded everyone to actively pursue their dreams. He did. It was a good reminder for us all.

I'm glad we met and am sad I didn't know him better. I will try to live a little more like Dan every day. Rest easy, Captain Dan.

[Update: Here's a link to Dan's obituary in the Seattle PI.]

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Leslie Evans Reply

I'm sorry for your loss, Tony. That stinks. If it's any comfort, at least he died doing something he liked. He didn't go out like a punk, y'know?

Tony Reply

Thanks, Leslie. It does stink, but you're right that Dan died enjoying his life.

Suzy Palazzolo Reply

I know that I can not truly express the feelings of loss that I and many others feel with Dan gone. I had the honor of being married to Dan for four years and he opened up so many doors in my life and I watched him do the same for many others. The challenge is to find a way to have a relationship with him now that he is in a different place, but I in no way feel that he is gone, it's just a more radical change of address. I think we will all think about Dan when we take our first turns of the ski season and engage in other life expanding pursuits. He will always have a place in so many peoples lives and will continue to inspire from his new place...

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