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Earlier this summer, the boys and I picked up a mess of PVC pipe and made marshmallow guns. Once you assemble the guns, you put a mini marshmallow in by the mouthpiece and then blow the marshmallow out. The marshmallow will negotiate all the turns in the gun and exit the muzzle - kind of cool really. The marshmallows melt in the rain, so clean-up isn't difficult either.

The original marshmallow gun design  

We got the initial instructions from Instructables. We used 1/2" (internal diameter) PVC pipe and cut the pipe into a few standard lengths (we used 3" and 7") for flexibility in recombining the pieces. Instead of the recommended hacksaw, we used a pipe cutter. This was easier and safer for the kids, didn't require a vice or bench, and produced cleaner cuts. This was the first time I've bought PVC; turns out you can only buy it in 10 foot lengths, so you'll have plenty. There was a hacksaw near where the PVC was in Home Depot so you can cut the long pieces down into something that fits in your car. (I got nervous when I saw the PVC initially...)

Cutting the PVC with a pipe cutter.

We didn't glue the pieces together (friction worked fine) so the boys were able to build all kinds of variants. They quickly learned that while the idea of a multi-barreled gun was attractive, dividing your limited lung power n-ways reduced the power.

The unsuccessful multi-barreled marshmallow gun.

The whole thing was super successful and very fun. We've since made water guns hooked up a hose and have been trying (unsuccessfully so far) to build a gun powered by compressed air (I've added a tire valve to a 2 liter bottle and pressured it with a bike pump.)

It's worth noting that I'm deadly with a four-foot section of straight pipe. I can hit the kids anywhere in the backyard with a marshmallow while sitting on the deck. Don't mess with Dad.

Michael's assault rifle marshmallow gun. 

Of course, if it's worth doing, it's worth over-doing. Check out these crazy marshmallow guns...

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Sandi Reply

I ask only this... what happens if the child inhales??? I ask this from the perspective of a parent whose children inhaled carrot fragments... nothing compared to marshallows, sure.. but still, I look at that gun and I think, cripes, if he/she breathed in too hard...

Tony Reply

Well, they certainly wound up eating a lot of marshmallows including some they inhaled. Managed to avoid any choking...

Chris Wilson Reply

Nice. Mine's a pump-gun, so you don't have to blow into it. I keep thinking about wiring it up to a CO2 cartridge. Or, for cannon use, I'll hook it up to one of my scuba tanks. :)

The Armorer Reply

Ive been making marshmallow guns for some time now and sell them online. Check out our site at and get a taste of Arizona's best marshmallow shooters.



Matthew Reply

thats FLIPPIN AMAZING!!! :) i like the double barrel gun the most!

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