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Earlier this summer, the boys and I picked up a mess of PVC pipe and made marshmallow guns. Once you assemble the guns, you put a mini marshmallow in by the mouthpiece and then blow the marshmallow out. The marshmallow will negotiate all the turns in the gun and exit the muzzle - kind of cool really. The marshmallows melt in the rain, so clean-up isn't difficult either.

The original marshmallow gun design  

We got the initial instructions from Instructables. We used 1/2" (internal diameter) PVC pipe and cut the pipe into a few standard lengths (we used 3" and 7") for flexibility in recombining the pieces. Instead of the recommended hacksaw, we used a pipe cutter. This was easier and safer for the kids, didn't require a vice or bench, and produced cleaner cuts. This was the first time I've bought PVC; turns out you can only buy it in 10 foot lengths, so you'll have plenty. There was a hacksaw near where the PVC was in Home Depot so you can cut the long pieces down into something that fits in your car. (I got nervous when I saw the PVC initially...)

Cutting the PVC with a pipe cutter.

We didn't glue the pieces together (friction worked fine) so the boys were able to build all kinds of variants. They quickly learned that while the idea of a multi-barreled gun was attractive, dividing your limited lung power n-ways reduced the power.

The unsuccessful multi-barreled marshmallow gun.

The whole thing was super successful and very fun. We've since made water guns hooked up a hose and have been trying (unsuccessfully so far) to build a gun powered by compressed air (I've added a tire valve to a 2 liter bottle and pressured it with a bike pump.)

It's worth noting that I'm deadly with a four-foot section of straight pipe. I can hit the kids anywhere in the backyard with a marshmallow while sitting on the deck. Don't mess with Dad.

Michael's assault rifle marshmallow gun. 

Of course, if it's worth doing, it's worth over-doing. Check out these crazy marshmallow guns...

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Sandi Reply

I ask only this... what happens if the child inhales??? I ask this from the perspective of a parent whose children inhaled carrot fragments... nothing compared to marshallows, sure.. but still, I look at that gun and I think, cripes, if he/she breathed in too hard...

Tony Reply

Well, they certainly wound up eating a lot of marshmallows including some they inhaled. Managed to avoid any choking...

Chris Wilson Reply

Nice. Mine's a pump-gun, so you don't have to blow into it. I keep thinking about wiring it up to a CO2 cartridge. Or, for cannon use, I'll hook it up to one of my scuba tanks. :)

The Armorer Reply

Ive been making marshmallow guns for some time now and sell them online. Check out our site at and get a taste of Arizona's best marshmallow shooters.



Matthew Reply

thats FLIPPIN AMAZING!!! :) i like the double barrel gun the most!

Azoay Boni Reply

Oops! This is a shocking news Tony considering your active lifestyle. Glad that you are better now. Your writing made it sound simple, but I am sure you have shown strength in taking up the pain. As usual I admire you for the positive aura you bring in through the reflections. Take care.

Harold Casados Reply

Some this the Marshmallow Guns are work as a bug zapper in my garden. Some insect are stack on it and got vanished.

Herbert Azure Reply

Once you’ve got the basic gun down, you can add more pieces for cooler and more high-tech guns. Here’s all the different ones we made. The longer the gun is, the harder and faster you can shoot the marshmallow. But the stronger you have to be, too. The little kids couldn’t shoot the big ones very far. And it took Asa about 15 minutes before he could even shoot a marshmallow out of his little revolver!

Frazier Mark Reply

The marshmallow gun pipes are very effective on a kitchen sink.

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