Four Eyes

Since third grade, I had worn progressively thicker glasses and contact lenses. At my worst, I was -9.5/-10; this is bad. If I had to read without correction, I had to close one eye because I had to hold the reading material was so close to my face that I lost binocular vision. In fact if my vision had gotten any worse, I wouldn't have been able to wear disposable contact lenses; they simply don't make them any stronger.

So, about eight years ago, I had Lasik eye surgery done. The result was something of a miracle. I went from being effectively blind to having better than 20/20 vision. I'm a totally satisfied Lasik patient. (It's a good thing I got my surgery when I did. I guess they're more cautious about doing Lasik on people with my old correction.)

Unfortunately, with age come inevitable changes. I went in to my eye doctor for my first visit in six years (I've been busy, OK?). He said things were still really good, but my left eye could use a little correction, especially for close-in work.

Tony's new glasses

So, for the first time in eight years, I have glasses again. I don't need them all time, but they're meant to be helpful for computer work and reading (not that I do much of those...) However, since my correction is slight now, I can have much cooler and thinner glasses now than I ever could before. After trying on a bunch of pairs, I picked up these Ted Baker frames.

Andrew (9) thinks they make me "look weird". Michael (6) just thinks they make me look "girlie". Michelle took the more diplomatic "I just have to get use to you in glasses again." I haven't decided if I like them yet; I need to get used to me in glasses again too.

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KymPossible Reply

Hard to say for sure based on the little sliver of your face you've posted, but I think they're nice. Good shape choice.

Toby Reply

Would it make sense to try contacts again? I know that with the PureVision brand, your eye doctor will give you a free trial pair if you ask (and he thinks they make sense for you to wear). Although frankly those glasses look very stylish!

Tony Reply

I'm not wearing the glasses all the time, so I'm not ready for contacts again. Too much hassle anyway...

Tim Mahle Reply

I have done Lasik also. I believe I just passed 10 years since I had it done. I figured at the time it would take 10 years to break even. Today it is much cheeper to have it done. I also feeling age is catching up to me for reading is a little harder on the eyes. I might be in the same boat and visit a doc to find I need reading glasses. Oh well - getting older.

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