World's Best Ice Cream: Graeter's

Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip

Irene, a dear friend of mine from many years ago, recently sent me six pints of ice cream from Graeter's Ice Cream, a famous shop in Cincinnati (and now other locations in the Midwest). Many consider it to be the best ice cream in the world. I'm a believer.

Irene sent us two pints of black raspberry chip (her favorite and their signature flavor) and a pint each of caramel, cookies and creme, chocolate, and coffee. The flavors and texture are amazing; for instance, in the caramel, there's a lovely burned-sugar taste. The taste is very natural, unlike Haagen-Daz, my stand-by, which has a more chemically taste. The ice cream is incredibly rich and has a great mouth feel. Graeter's makes their ice cream by hand using a French pot process in two gallon batches, hand packing them into the pints.

You can order the ice cream over the Internet and have it shipped (which is what Irene did). The pints come packed in a cooler with dry ice and were frozen solid; frankly, they were so hard we had to let them soften in our freezer until we could scoop them. (Dry ice is so cool.)

The Graeter's was a special treat and a wonderful surprise. Thanks, Irene!

(Of course, Wikipedia has more on Graeter's.)

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David Jeschke Reply

I haven't tried Graeter's and am looking forward to it, obviously.

In the meanwhile I think the best ice cream is Godiva's Belgian Dark Chocolate.

A close second would be Denali's Moose Tracks,, although I can't help but use the unappetizing moniker "Moose Craps"

We've found both flavors in Seattle-area grocery stores but you definitely have to look.

Leslie Evans Reply

I am a bad friend. I've known you for quite a few years and yet someone ELSE had to turn you on to Graeter's. Ah, well, at least it's done. The veil over your eyes has been lifted, and you've seen the glory that is REAL ice cream.

-Leslie, who gained 5 lbs. in one desolate week in Dayton OH when they opened a Grater's shop there.

Duffergeek Reply

really? I never told you about Graeter's? Wow. That stuff is the absolute BEST! I hope you got some regular vanilla chocolate chip. If not -- we'll it's time to order some :)

Cody Croswell Reply

I, am by no means, an ice-cream expert but I would have to suggest that you try
for the most awesome ice cream in the world. Really - I don't even like sweet food and this stuff I crave. ;-D

The ghost of Ice-Cream Past Reply

You are, of course, all mistaken. There are but superficial and short-term pleasures to be had from such "Graeter's" ice cream.

It is a shame that in this day and age the traditional flavours like horse-meat are being forgotten. Horse-meat ice cream is not just food for the body, satisfying merely the nucleus of the solitary tract of your medulla oblongata, but food for the SOUL.

Do not be fooled by cheap imitations. Enlightenment is only attained by horse-meat flavoured ice-cream.

Tony Reply

Of course, how silly of me not to link to my old horse-meat ice cream post.

Cody, Coldstone is very nice stuff and fun with the mix-ins. We go to the local ones quite often with the boys.

Leslie Evans Reply

With all due respect, gentlemen, Coldstone is crap.

Dan Carroll Reply

Hey Tony! I sat next to you at dinner Friday night at the Oyster House. Anyway, I grew up with a Graeter's down the street from my house and never realized how lucky I was. I'm a huge fan of the coconut chip, and the pumpkin (only available in the fall). There's also this 1870 tower that has the black raspberry chip on top of a brownie... unbelievable. Be sure to try them all if you're ever in Ohio (/Indiana/Kentucky)!

lamia Reply

can u please send the best ice cream in the world to me. i live in Madagascar, Antananrivo. I will be waiting for it. Thank u.

Rob Reply

The reason Graeter's Ice cream is so amazing is because of their chocolate. Most of their flavors are chocolate chip flavors (like mint chip, mocha chip, black raspberry chip, etc.) These have a flavored base and then have a THICK, soft swirl of chocolate. The secret is that they cook the chocolate so its like a melted fudge and then pour it in the ice cream when its being mixed. The result is a thick band of soft chocolate all the way through the ice cream. HUGE pieces of the best chocolate you've ever me, its the best ice cream in the world!

Butt Head Reply

u rock

Ray Higgins Reply

I am type II diabetic and would like to know if you make a sugar-free ice cream. Any flavor.


Kylea Jackson Reply

You guys have never had ice cream until you try cows ice cream. It's hand made in a little place called Prince Edward Island, Canada. It has recently been voted the best ice cream in the world and I am not surprised. On one of the hand made waffle cones it's to die for. The best flavour would have to be wowie cowie. It's a super premium vanilla ice cream made from imported vanilla, hand made moo crunch from Anne of Green Gables Chocolates (tastes like skor bar), gooey English toffee, and rich chocolate flakes...yummmm

Neverest Reply

Those who recommend Coldstone do not know what good ice-cream is!

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