Ideas for Running Tunes?

As my runs get longer, I'm getting bored of the music I'm listening to. Any ideas for upbeat songs to keep my mind occupied?

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Cody Croswell Reply

Remember, he is running, not wailing his arms around. ;-)

With me, for running or working out in general, it always helped to listen to something really upbeat in tempo. Also, if it something that flows from one track to the other without you noticing the break, in can help make the time go by faster. Some techno or house music would work. I couldn't really recommend any, but its easy enough to find.

That , or go with metal. Aggressive music has been shown to 'get the blood pumping' - always worked when I was working out- not that I have seen the inside of a gym in the better part of two years, however, I do remember how to do it. :-D

Meder Reply

The Fratellis (!!!

Trevin Reply

I found that the new track created by Aesop for the Nike "Run" promo is really good for running and biking.

jeffdav Reply

You must bring the punk rock when exercising.

* The Bouncing Souls
* The Clash
* Descendents
* Amadan
* Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Uche Reply

Try Justin timberlakes's new album 'Future sex/love sounds' lots of up beat music to keep the heart pumping :)...oh oh also try the black eyes peas..they're great for running..i always listen to them..

Tony Reply

Thanks for all the suggestions. I put a sampling of each of your suggestions onto my Clix for the run (go Urge!). (I skipped the Nike ones even though I liked them because they're only available through iTunes for iPod.)

The Fratellis are the best surprise of the suggestions. I hadn't heard them before. Thanks, Meder.

James Reply

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