Prophet of Bacon

Wow, this is incredible. Who knew how much influence this silly blog has? The love of bacon transcends all. (Here's the oven-baked bacon recipe.)

Thanks, Chooky, for the link.

[Fixed typo 2/9/2007]

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Elphaba Reply

this is the best thing I've seen on the internet all week.


Tony Reply

Given how much you see on the Internet in a week, that's quite a compliment...

Eren Reply

I found this site from googling bacon, so I'd say you may be more widely read than you think.

I will be trying the oven-baked recipe tomorrow with the Niman Ranch in my fridge. I microwaved it today and it was too chewy. What can I say, I'm lazy.

Bacon is the best!

Angela Reply

Wow Tony, you're famous! Jan totally cracked up when I showed this to him.

What can I say? Our kids will be raised on TonyChorBacon (TM), including #3 coming in 2 weeks!!!

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