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Warren (a lead developer on the IE team) asked me the other day what posts on my blog have been the most popular, so I thought I'd check the stats.

The list has been reasonably stable for a while now. Here are the top ten articles as measured by page views since Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Pokemon Rocks Seattle! (by a long shot and with a huge, huge lead in comments.)
  2. The Best Rum in the World
  3. The Best Way to Cook Bacon
  4. Amazing video of octopus attacking a shark
  5. Cub Scout Hell
  6. Big Butts (I think people come to this page looking for something else...)
  7. Bud Lite Ads
  8. Changing the Default Source Editor in IE
  9. Call CPS!
  10. World's Best Flashlight

The most popular category searches are

  1. Random Cool Stuff
  2. Travel
  3. Kids
  4. Food and Drink
  5. Random Junk

37% of the traffic on my site is the comments page; given the relatively low number of legitimate comments, I suspect most of this is blog spammers trying to get it (I get hundreds of spam comments per day). 20% of the traffic is my RSS feed, so I'm guessing most people read the site via an aggregator (hopefully IE7!) The home page is the single page with the most traffic at 2.66%.

Google domains from various countries are by far the largest referrers, accounting for a whopping 85% of all my page views. Yahoo domains are a distant second at 6%. Live and MSN total 4.3%. I know my site is just one data point, but it highlights a few things to me. First, Google is completely dominant in the search space; the lead they have is huge. Second, the big three (Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft) really own all the traffic. These three account for over 95% of all my referrals. The others don't even show up.

Anyway, there's your daily dose of trivia.

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