I Hate Michelle

My lovely wife has ruined my life. Again.

She's been watching 24 for some time now (she's on Season Four). Last night, I started watching with her. Now I'm sucked in and will have to see how it all plays out.

Of course, this is all her fault and is completely unrelated to my lack of will and discipline...

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Al Reply

R and I got hooked earlier this year. We've just finished watching through the end of Season 5 this last weekend. It's a good show though a bit to the Right at times.

Trevin Reply

Yes, 24 has me sucked in along with Lost and Heroes. And to think I was trying to cut off my cable this year....sigh.

Benni Reply

That's a good thing about partners, you can blame them for everything, and that way you don't need to take any responsibility for anything.

It doesn't take much to get involve with a show like 24.

Vinny Reply

Ahhh 24. Say goodbye to all your spare time :) True story - Jack Bauer once played Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun and won.

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