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OK, since I'm trolling through my logs this morning, I figured I'd write about the browser and OS stats.

Since January 1, 2007:

  1. Internet Explorer 6.0: 34%
  2. Internet Explorer 7.0: 23%
  3. Opera 9: 10%
  4. Firefox 1.5: 8.9%
  5. Mozilla 5: 7.2%
  6. Firefox 2.0: 3.6%
  7. Netscape: 1.4%
  8. Internet Explorer 5.0: 1.3%
  9. Safari: 1.3%
  10. Firefox 1.0: .7%

I admit the high Opera numbers are really surprising. All told, IE versions account for 65% of my traffic. Mozilla variants including Firefox are 21% and Opera is 11%. These non-IE numbers are higher than the market as a whole, leading me to believe that my readers are more on the tech enthusiast side (a segment that use a broader range of browsers than the population at large.)

These stats don't include the search robots who hit the site. Yahoo visits the site a ton, accounting for 13% of my web traffic. Robots in general are about 20% of my traffic - a surprisingly high cost.

On a separate note, who is out there running all these old browsers? WTF? It's not like they're expensive. Everyone should be running the latest version of their preferred browser, if only for the modern security protections! Come on people!

With respect to operating systems

  1. Windows XP: 65%
  2. Windows Vista: 9%
  3. Linux: 5.8%
  4. Windows 98: 5.7%
  5. Windows 2000: 5%
  6. Windows NT: 4.3%
  7. MacOS: 2%
  8. Windows Server 2003: 1.3%
  9. FreeBSD: .8%
  10. Windows 95: .8%

All Windows versions account for 91% of my viewers. I'm surprised how many more people use Linux than Macs, but that may again reflect my geeky readership. Whoever is out there running Windows 98 or Windows 95 - please, for the love of God, move to something more modern and secure. We don't even provide security updates for Windows 98 or 95 anymore, so you're running naked.

On the ISP front, Comcast is the single biggest provider at 15% with GTE at 10% and MSN at 5%. This skew may be due to the popularity of those providers in the Redmond area.

Unfortunately, I think the other stats are too heavily warped by the robots and comment spammers to be useful (stuff like unique visitors and pages viewed per visit.)

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Connie Reply

here's to all the other safari users...

Jeff P Reply

Safari here too ! Sorry Tony, but you stopped supporting my OS.

Cody Croswell Reply

Yea, and I guess we are the three OS X users as well, :-D

Tony Reply

Typical Mac users - small in number but vocal. :)

Walter Reply

What about feed reader statistics while you are at it ;)

Tony Reply

About 20% of my overall traffic is the RSS feed, although I can't know how many people get the feed through re-distributors like Bloglines or FeedDemon.

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