Coup d'Michael

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At dinner this evening, Michael (6) looked at us with great sincerity and said, "I think I know how to overthrow a government."

Long silence.

This is not typical dinner conversation for a six year old, but then, Michael has never been typical. But, of course I had to ask, "well, how would you do it?"

He then proceeded to describe how he'd have some run in front of a governmental leader yelling "Help!!" to distract them while an airplane dropped barrels of bombs on the leader.

He then sat back with a satisfied look, knowing his plan was infallible.

Watch out world...

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Clint Jorgenson Reply

They're listening over the wire - Michael & your family are on the watch list now... and of course there is guild by association - Watch out world & Happy Holiday's from Whit/Tootsie & Me.

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