Stanford wins!

My bitter post about the Stanford football team's poor season must have spurred them to action. The boys beat the University of Washington (itself sunk in a five game losing streak) here in Seattle - a rariety. This breaks Stanford's eleven game losing streak, only tying the worst ever streak in school history.

I missed a chance to see the game. Joe tried to talk me into it, agreeing we'd probably lose but trying to convince me that a miracle might happen. I didn't relish the thought of sitting in the rain, surrounded by rabid Husky fans in purple, watching Stanford get crushed.

Well, I blew it. It was a very nice autumn day, and we won. What's more, we spoiled the Husky's chances of a bowl game, so the fans started filing out early. Serves me right for being a bad fan.

Anyway, congrats to the Stanford football team.

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Connie Reply

Yeah, definitely better than last weekend. Had the lovely experience of watching Stanford play like a high school team against USC-- ugh.

Tony Reply

Yup, I should have gone. Oh well.

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