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This weekend in Whistler, Michael (6) had a few doozies as he got upset at me for not letting him do one thing or another.

First, I told him to put away his Gameboy:

Michael: "If you take away my Gameboy, I'll kill you."
Me: "Would you really kill me over your Gameboy?"
Michael: "No, I would just kick you in the nuts."

Yeek. (Just for the record, I did not teach him this. I think it's something he learned at school...)

Then, in another incident of which the details are lost to time, he grew frustrated and couldn't think of anything to say to me except, "Besides, you're the worst driver in the family."

In both cases, I had to solo parent since Michelle was useless, laughing too much to be a credible disciplinarian. Of course, I had no idea what to say after each of these, making me useless too. Oh well.

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Clint Jorgenson Reply

A+ for thinking out of the box... Go Michael.

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