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I'm not actually sure why most people read my blog. I know many of you are my friends and colleagues who read this out of courtesy, some are people who are hoping that once in a while I might actually say something useful or interesting about Internet Explorer, and still others maybe just have too much time on their hands.

But, as with most sites I suspect, I also get a bunch of traffic from search engines; most of my referrers are Google sites (US English and others). This results in some odd stuff happening on my site.

For instance, almost exactly two years ago, I wrote about taking Andrew (now 9) to a local Pokemon extravaganza. I didn't offer anything particularly useful to the Pokemon fans, but there is a small ecosystem of people trading tips in my comments. It's so weird to me. This page is by far my most visited on the site. (It's the number three hit on Google and #5 on Live Search for "Pokemon Deoxys Aurora Ticket", which I guess is a popular query if you are a Pokemon fan".) Check it out. 

The second most popular page (by a longshot) is a post I did about a particular bottle of rum. (This post is the number one hit on Google and Live Search for "best rum in the world".) Now, I have a bunch of very opinionated people offering their views on the best rum (actually, I've gotten some good tips from the comments.)

It's really just odd to me that these little pockets of activity have sprung up on my blog long after I wrote the original post. The net is a strange place full of even stranger people. Oh well, as long as they click the ads...

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Leslie Evans Reply

Besides the fact that I know you and consider you a friend, I don't read this blog out of courtesy. I read it to hear about your crazy-ass son. The fact that he and his big brother have discovered your blog troubles me greatly, as though a delicate science experiment's data has been contaminated.

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