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Andrew (9) told me this joke today. It's somewhat remarkable because it's actually kind of funny. Most of his jokes aren't.

Scene: Cloud City of Bespin during the light saber duel
Darth Vader: "Luke, I know what you're getting for Christmas."
Luke Skywalker: [obvious anguish] "How could you know?!"
Darth Vader: "I can sense your presents."

Ba dum dum. Splish.

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Dan Reply

Hey, Tony, I just ran across your blog today...I am entranced! This is great, great stuff. In addition to the hilarious and heartwarming things that seem to happen around the Chor household, you have a unique and tongue-in-cheek writing style that kind of reminds me of James Herriot (All Things Bright and Beautiful, etc.) in a setting somewhere between Leave It To Beaver and the original Cheaper By The Dozen. You have GOT to publish this! I'd buy it! I'm definitely planning to follow your blog regularly. Tell Andrew I'm rooting for him (and you and Michelle, of course)!
Thanks so much, keep it up and have a great Holiday season.

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