Upcoming talk: Bellua Cyber Security in Jakarta

I just finished making my travel arrangements to Jakarta (that's in Indonesia for the geographically challenged) where I'll be speaking at the Bellua Cyber Security conference August 30-31. Seems like most of my international travel lately has been to Southeast Asia/Oceania - not that I'm complaining. Maybe it's time for me to find a speaking gig in Spain or Italy next...

In any case, I've never been to Jakarta before -- any tips? If you're headed to Bellua, let me know!

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Al Reply

You get all of the fun gigs, Tony.

Tony Reply

Well, I'm not sure how fun the flight will be without carryon luggage now...

Al Reply

Just remember to drink up before you leave since you won't have any water! :-)

David Reply

I was there a bunch of years ago on business. It's all muslim. They weren't too fond of Americans then. Probably less so now.

Not exactly a tourist destination. If you're lucky you'll fly though Singapore on the way. That's pretty nice.

deadpoet Reply

Indonesia and especially Jakarta are not nice places to visit. You'd be better off going to Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand!

After 9/11 and even up till now, all hotels and shopping malls have very tight security with m-16 toting army people around that stop each car or taxi that comes in, they take a look at what's in your bags, run a mirror under your car to look for bombs. If that's not scary enough, you will find they have xray machines and metal detectors at all entry points! You will feel like you're boarding a flight every time you go back to your hotel or enter a shopping complex! INDONESIA SUCKS! TAKE CARE!

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