On the Ground in Jakarta

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Dorian and I made it to Jakarta safely, although getting out of the airport and to the hotel was an ordeal. First, there was the hour line to get a visa. Then, there was the hour line to have someone else check the visa they gave me in the previous line. Fortunately, after two hours, our bags were out already plus the customs line was short. We found our hotel driver easily and then proceeded to drive into a big traffic jam.

About 45 min later we got to the hotel. As the car entered the hotel drive, we passed through a security checkpoint where they used mirrors to check under the car and opened the trunk and passenger compartment doors. I was simultaneously relieved and worried by this security treat. I'm glad they're doing it (since they clearly think there's a risk) but concerned since there were a bit cursory about it (I guess they don't consider the hotel Mercedes a threat, but maybe that would be the strategy...)

When we pulled up to the hotel, we went through another security check where they wanded our bags (but they didn't really dig around much) and then went through a metal detector. I guess we'll have to do this every time we go in and out of the hotel. Wahoo.

Time to unpack and get a beer (yes, I'm blogging before I've even had a beer - can you believe it?)

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