On the ground in Auckland

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I've arrived in Auckland safely and am online (obviously).

The flight was comfortable and on time. Air New Zealand's business class has pretty slick pod system where each person gets their own private space. The seat converts into a bed - 180 degrees flat - with sheets and a comforter (of sorts). The food was reasonabel and the in flight entertainment system was sincere. I was a little embarassed to see the WinCE bootloader running (slowly) when we first arrived; the system was slow but it got the job done.

Unfortunately, I'm disappointed with the hotel room I'm in. It's actually quite nice, but the sinks and toilet are such that the water doesn't swirl one way or another, so I can't see the Southern Hemisphere swirl. I'll have to find another way to see it.

It's 7:00am here now. I have to stay up all day. I think I'll go for a run now to get out and get my blood going.

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