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I'm off to New Zealand today. I'll be speaking at WebStock, a web conference in Wellington, as well as doing some Microsoft internal events and meeting with press. I've never been to New Zealand or even the Southern Hemisphere. I plan to flush a toilet as soon as I get there just to watch the water go down the other way.

See you on the other side!

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Bruce Reply

During my visit to Cape Town last year, flushing a toilet was one of the first things I did. And I also experimented with filling my hotel room sink and letting it drain. Thrill a minute!

Bernard Darnton Reply

Tony, as an OS-agnostic geek who's spent 16 years either side of the equator I can tell you that the hemispheric effect on flushing toilets is weak. Pulling the plug from the kitchen sink will give similar results but as a serious scientist you should try the following: Pull the plug giving a gentle tug to the left (or right) and repeat with the opposite orientation. Sadly for university physics demostrations across the planet the centripetal effect is undemonstably small.
I'm sure Cape Town boy agrees with the thrills that can be had though.

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