Meskel: Yummy Ethopian!

This week Michelle and I had a great Ethiopean dinner at Meskel, in Seattle. We used to go to Kokeb for Ethiopean fairly regularly, but they closed several years ago, and we hadn't really found (or looked for a replacement.) But, when we came across a recommendation for Meskel in this month's issue of Seattle Metropolitan. we figured it had been too long since we scratched our Ethiopean itch.

We were right. I'd forgotten how good Ethiopean food is. The slow cooked veggies and stews eaten with the spongey injera bread were fantastic. The Ethiopean beer and wine were reasonable matches with the food. Of course, the best part was the injera that was under the food on the communal plate, soaking up all the great flavors. Soggy with spice, it's always my favorite part of an Ethiopean meal.

The restaurant itself is in a house in the Central District; it is bright and airy as was the service. A good place; I'm sure we'll be back again.

2605 E. Cherry Street

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L Reply

I haven't been yet, but the old Fasica, which was very good, is now a place called Awash that is supposed to be very good.

I'm a big fan of Ethopian food... I'll have to try Meskel sometime.

Tony Reply

Hm, I'll have to try Awash too. Let's make it a date!

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