I am evil.

Apparently, I've been wrong all these years. I'm evil. I guess all the people who say that I'm evil for working at Microsoft on Internet Explorer were right. The funny thing is, I'm the nice guy on the team. You should meet the others. The exception might be Chris Wilson who has managed to stay neutral, despite having worked on the browser way longer than I have.

Oh well. Guess I'll have to embrace the Dark Side and accept who I am.

(There is a potential bias in this test. The first question they ask is what browser you're running. I'm guessing that using IE didn't give me any nice points.)

How evil are you?

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Kymberlee Reply

OMG, I'm even more evil than you. How did that happen? They even accuse me of working at AOL. AOL! That's just insulting.


Leslie Evans Reply

This doesn't suprise me, Tony. I didn't think Michael got it from Michele.

I, on the other hand, am good. Check my blog to read up on my goodness.

Connie Reply

Wellwellwell. Must be true then that opposites somehow attract.

Because I, a longtime friend, am Angelic.

QuornFlour Reply

I think I am as evil as Kymberlee, no wonder we get a long.
IOW it should be no surprise that I am PURE EVIL.

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