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I just finished my talk at Webstock here in Wellington. I'm currently going through my typical post-talk adrenaline crash. I enjoyed the talk and am gratified that people laughed at my jokes and that the demo machine behaved well - never a sure thing when running beta software, projecting to a strange monitor, and running on a live internet connection. I understand the talk will be made available online soon. I'll post it when it does, and I'll write more about my Webstock experiences later.

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Bernard Darnton Reply

Very impressed Tony; you spoke with humility and great humo(u)r. That was a very credible pose in this setting. I'm something of an anti-hippy myself so I always go in to bat for the big guy - I can't stand religious Microsoft bashers, I hate the theives who "unbundled" (ie stole) Telecom's local network - but let's face it, despite knowing that huge companies are an essential part of today's infrastructure, IE6's day is long past and it is beyond defending.
It's very encouraging that the IE team has (eventually) been rebuilt at Microsoft. I hope that your vision flourishes, that the stories about you fixing browser hacks but not fixing the underlying bugs are false, that your phishing deterents work well and encourage others to copy, and that you start rendering SVG natively in IE8 or IE9. Please - I want to be apart of it.
Microsoft has made a few hundred-millionaires and also a few-hundred millionaires. You are a creative force - many follow.

Lloyd Reply

Your presentation blew me away - I now have an IE7 sticker firmly stuck on the lid of my laptop for all to see :-)

Richard MacManus Reply

Good speech Tony. For people who weren't there, I live-blogged your talk:

Richard MacManus

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