Ardbeg Ten Years Old Scotch whisky

Ardbeg Ten Years Old whisky bottle

The Arbeg I picked up in the Auckland duty free is tasty. It's a drinkable Islay whisky. The nose is iodiney -- it smells like a band-aid. The taste is sweetly smokey. I love it. It's a nice change from all the lighter, sweet whiskies I seem to have fallen into (and the bad whisky I had in New Zealand bars). It may be that as my taste for whisky matures, I'm more interested in the the more "challenging" whiskies like Arbeg and Lagavulin (see my post on Lagavulin and oysters for more info).

What a great dram! This may be my new favorite whisky. I may need to go have another drink right now to make sure.

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yukino Reply

Oh, yum. I will have to look out for this -- I've recently fallen to smoky whiskys. I wonder how a Talisker would pair with oysters? I've found that highlands like Glenmorangie and the Macallan don't suit them at al.

Tony Reply

I think you're right that smoky whiskies are the right pairing with oysters. Talisker should be good!

Juha Reply

Ardbeg? That's the one I think that tastes nasty when mixed with cola. Not recommended.

yukino Reply

But... mixing single malt with cola? Surely such a travesty has never occurred.

Kymberlee Reply

Let me see if I've got this right. You are enjoying drinking something that smells like a band-aid?


Tony Reply

Yeah, I admit it's not obvious that something that smells like a band-aid would taste good to drink, but it does. Funny world.

Juha, please tell me you've never mixed single-malt with cola? I'm with Yukino here. Save that for cheaper blends. If you must, an Islay is probably not the right choice.

Juha Reply

No, I wouldn't that... just trolling. Can't stand Coke in fact.

For some reason I was reminded of my old mate Dave in London, who used order Pernod with Cola in pubs. He once did it at Coach and Horses in Soho when the rudest landlord in the world was still there. Won't repeat what the landlord said, but Dave's ears turned blue and fell off...

J.McNasty Reply

the guy who posted about mixing Ardbeg Ten year old scotch with "Cola" must have been referring to cocaine, because only a retarded alien born again christian would mix anything but god's transparent semen with the Ardbeg.

whiskyjuha Reply




WW2 Reply


Eddie Reply

I just got a bottle of this stuff and let me tell you I could not get pass the first glass it was that bad. It taste and smells like a hospital. Very bad I had to open up a bottle of jack to get the flavor of that Ardbeg out of my mouth. Don't wast your money unless you like the taste of iodine!

Tony Reply

@Eddie: That medicinal/iodiny taste is definitely part of the style of Islay whiskies like Ardbeg -- certainly different from the sweet corn taste of Jack. Not for everyone for sure.

Rt Reply

I agree with WW2. Received a bottle for Xmas. Couldn't get through the first few sips...

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