Time lapse video of the STOMP set load-in

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STOMP set load-in

I had a chance today to do a time-lapse photo shoot of the load-in of the STOMP set at the Paramount Theater here in Seattle. The set is cool and goes together very quickly -- even faster through the magic of time-lapse photography.

In the video, you'll see them hang and focus the lights, assemble and put up their main set piece, and then install and paint the dance floor.

Some technical tidbits: I shot a frame every sixty seconds over a five hour period using my Canon 10D on a tripod connected to a laptop running Canon RemoteCapture. I imported all 301 photos into Windows MovieMaker, with each photo representing one second of video. I tossed in a fade transition between each photo (thanks, to Chris Hugill on the MovieMaker team for showing me how to do this automatically) and spit out the video.


STOMP Load-In video 6.5MB WMV format 2 min 48 secs

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