Spitting Venom

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This evening, I was reading a book about snakes to Michael (5).

Michael: "King cobras are my favorite snake."
Me: "Why?"
Michael: "Because they can spit venom."
Me: "Do you wish you could spit venom?"
Michael: "Yes. I would kill you first. I'd leave your body for another snake to eat though."

I am never turning my back on him again.

(Did you know the average length of a king cobra is nineteen feet long? As if they weren't scary enough with the venom spitting and the big hood."

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Hamadryad Reply

Hi Tony,

Blogging about the King is certainly appreciable ... cheers !!!!


1) King Cobra does NOT spit venom. Only a few types of Cobra from Africa and Asia do. Naja nigricollis and naja pallida for examples.

2) The average length of the King Cobra is 8 feet to 14 feet and not 19 as mentioned. The longest recorded hamadryad was 18.8 feet. so, a 19 footer would be a record :D

Tony Reply

You're right. The King Cobra doesn't spit venom. The book referred to the Mozambique Spitting Cobra. Michael must have said "Cobras are my favorite snake."

You're also right re: length. Nineteen feet is the max, not the average. Thanks.

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