Feeling a bit bummed

I turned 38 today. This is not so bad, really. (39 will freak me out like 29 did, I suspect.)

What did bum me out was that I learned that despite my increased physical activity and weight-loss, I have a long way to go. First, I got my blood work back from my physical; cholesterol is a bit high. Then, I went and had my body fat hydrostatically tested at a mobile clinic that came by my health club. I knew it would be higher than it should be, but it was much higher than I expected. It was a bad 1-2 punch.

The only solace I can take I guess is that these numbers would have been worse had not already been working out. I've fallen a bit off my workout wagon lately with a busy work and family schedule, but I really need to focus more on my diet and be more diligent about strength training as well.

No chocolate and whisky tonight, I guess.

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Chook Reply

Read The Cholesterol Myths by Ravnskov. You'll feel better.

Sandi Reply

Heh. I turned 40 this past February... you, my friend, are a spring chicken ;o)

BTW, at the next Summit the whiskey is on me... hope you're partial to Macallan...

Tony Reply

Thanks guys. Chook, I'll definitely read that.

Sandi, I love Macallan -- see:

seth Reply

happy birthday! :-)

Leslie Evans Reply

Happy belated, Tony. I turned 39 on April 16th and I feel FINE.

Now, if I can just remember where I left my teeth...

Duffergeek Reply

Yeah, I've 40 coming up at the end of the summer. Which reminds me - you will want to join us for the celebration at Pebble Beach :)

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