Easter done right: Scotch and chocolate

I'm sitting here enjoying a glass of Balantines 17 year (one of my very favorite blends, as I blogged about before) and nibbling on two Nestle Crunch chocolate Easter eggs I pilfered from the kids (sshhh, don't tell). OMG, it's lovely. Chocolate and Scotch is fantastic. I'm normally a chocolate and port or chocolate and Bordeaux guy, but this may very well be the best chocolate pairing.

I'm also learning to love Scotch and food pairings. It's a bit unusual for some people I think to consider Scotch paired with food, but as I mentioned, whisky and oysters are fab. I also think whisky is great with sushi. Smoked salmon, of course, is a natural.

I'll have to start working out more detailed pairings (like the Lagavulin and oysters). My work is never done...

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Selina Kyle Reply

ooh, a fine Nestle Crunch chocolate paired with your 17 year old scotch. my but that is fancy.

c'mon Tony, at least get your kids the Dove chocolate eggs next time with the ulterior motive of having better chocolate on hand for yourself after they've gone to bed. I've got a few I'll set aside for you even - you know where to find me.

maybe you could get REALLY crazy and splurge on some ghiradelli chocolates just for yourself and Michelle and leave the kids with the Nestle. just a thought...



Tony Reply

Yes, better chocolate is undoubtedly in order, but damn, those little eggs are tasty...

Michelle Reply

Rest assured that better chocolate is available in our home to select individuals.

Chris Reply

I have to agree with you, there are few things better in life than a good whisky and some quality chocolate. The best I ever tasted was Highland Park and Green and Blacks Maya Gold (http://www.greenandblacks.com). My mouth is watering at the very thought of it...

Rick Reply

Speaking of enjoying Port with Chocolate, I'm just enjoying a nice 12 yr. GlenDronach (Sherry Wood Matured), with an extra dark 60% cacao chocolate, it's delicious. Sure would like to try it with a 30 yr. Macallan.

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