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In a fit of madness and with the poorly optimized decision to save the Active.com registration fee by doing it person, I signed up for the Seattle-to-Portland (STP) bike ride at the Bike Expo this weekend. (The cute woman at the sign-up counter egging me on in front of my two sons didn't help, but hey, I got a low number - 358 - and I saved $5.25!)

This is a 200 mile bike ride between Seattle and Portland (as evidenced in the name of the event. I'm doing the somewhat more sane two day ride; the real crazies do this in a day. Of course, since I've never ridden more than twenty miles in a stretch, I have some work ahead of me to get to back-to-back centuries before the July 15 date.

Who else is in?

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Scott Reply

Have fun without me. :)

Clint Reply

Like Tony "Little" says in his infomercial - you can do it! Whitney and I plan to tag along. I call it the Tour de STP. Fun ride, you'll love to hate it ;).

Mary Ann Reply

Wow, 200 miles? That's amazing! Good luck, Tony. :)

Seth Reply

sounds like an awful lot of fun :) good luck!

JoeB Reply

hmm... maybe I'll do it with you!!

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