Pinewood Derby Winner!

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Andrew (8) participated in his second Pinewood Derby this year and won first place out of 35 cars! What made it more fun was that he did a lot more of the work on the car this year than last year, so it really was more of his effort. Andrew, of course, was delighted.

The event was much faster this year too thanks to a new track setup we used from Northwest Scouters. They have a slick four-lane metal track with computer scoring. We ran all 35 cars and were done with the racing part in maybe 35 minutes (vs. the two hour ordeal last year.) I think all the dads were more excited than the kids to see the track go together and check out all the computerized gear.

Good fun.

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kraven webb Reply

Last year,I won 1st place in my pack and at district.I won 1st out of more than 100 cars.How come I'm not in this website?!

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