My legs hurt

After my long run yesterday, I figured I shouldn't run again today, so I went for a bike ride instead (yes, a bike ride on a real bike, outside and everything!)

I took my Trek out for an hour-long spin, riding over the I-90 bridge from Bellevue to Mercer Island, about twelve miles in all. It wasn't a particularly long ride, but it's pretty hilly.

So, it turns out that hills matter. This is obvious, but especially so when you're at the bottom of a big hill. After my first ride, which was twenty miles, I figured twelve would be easy. Well, that first ride was flat; today's wasn't. As I rode down this huge, mile-long hill (Eastgate Way) on the way to the bridge, I thought to myself, "Self, this is going to suck coming back up." And so it did.

I have a lot more strength training to do. My legs are a wreck now between the run and the ride. I was thinking about doing the Chilly Hilly ride next month, but now I'm not so sure.

Still, it was great to get outside and the ride felt good, feelings of near death notwithstanding. I may learn to like riding yet...

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