My first hour+ run

I did my first run over an hour today (1:02:43 to be exact.) This worked out to be 6.18 miles, easily my longest distance as well. The previous longest run/distance was around :40 minutes/3.5 miles. Average pace works out to be a little over ten minutes a mile -- not too bad for me.

I was afraid that boredom would be an issue, but I had tunes, which seemed to alleviate most of those concerns. I also ran with a water bottle in a hip carrier (first time I've need to carry water.) The weight and the sloshing didn't bug me.

I felt strong through the whole run, even sprinting up to a blistering (for me) 6:20 pace for the last .2 mile. I wasn't sure I could go for an hour/six miles, so I'm actually kind of proud of myself for getting this done. Hopefully, my shins won't fall apart now...

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