Another person with too much time

I've blogged before about the cool Star Wars fan films out there. They're dorky and amazingly well done, but I think this guy at the Lego Star Wars Project (LSW) takes the cake.

This crazy guy is redoing the original Star Wars movie using Legos. His attention to detail and adherence to the shots of the movie are impressive. So far, he's done 47:11 of the 1:53:41 of the movie, all set to the original soundtrack. You can watch the scenes that are already completed, but you'll need the DivX decoder.

I think I'd slit my wrists after a few hours of building all the models and sets and then animating them frame by frame to sync with the movie. But, this is his hobby, not mine, so more power to him, I guess.

He has lots of company too. Check out Brickfilms for more crazy people making Lego movies. For an old-school remix of Star Wars, check out this ASCII text version.

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you think that guy has too much time? check this out...

sugar and tolkien. what else do you need?

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