An eagle, a monkey, and a goldfish

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I'm not sure how the discussion started, but after some intense negotiations, Michael (5) has agreed with Michelle that he'd trade me in for an eagle, a monkey, and a goldfish. He figures they'd be more fun than I am, although he admitted the goldfish wouldn't do much.

When asked if he meant a bald eagle, he said, "No, I want one with hair." I figure I'm safe for a while since finding a hairy eagle will take a while.

Michael went through some packages that arrived yesterday looking for his animals. He was visibly disappointed when his box didn't show up.

I guess I should be flattered that he wants three animals in exchange for me. My boss keeps threatening to trade me for a carton of cigarettes.

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Michelle Reply

For anyone who's interested, we're holding a reverse auction for Tony. Send me mail if you want the invite. The bid does start at one monkey, an eagle, and a goldfish.

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