Virtual Blue Angels

Some people have too much time on their hands. But, if you're going to be a huge geek, at least be good at it. These guys are. They fly precision aerobatics in a PC flight simulator. Some cool stuff, especially the virtual airshow video that has a bunch of these geek pilots flying an airshow. It's actually really well done. Worth a few minutes. (Click the link below, go to the Links menu on the site, and choose "VFAT Aerobatics Show".)

The Virtual Blue Angels

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Well thanx for the compliment ... lol. I think, I know this post is old but figured since no one replied that I would say we may be looked upon as nerds or geeks but hell we could be out raping your children or killing your loved ones instead we invest our time and skill in a hobby that everyone can enjoy if the take the time view our movies.

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