The Stick

The Stick
All this exercise I've had recently has resulted in some pretty sore muscles. (Actually, I think it's more likely that getting old and sitting around hunched over a computer are the real culprits.)

In any case, I found a pretty slick little gadget to help me self-massage (not that kind!) some of the knots and soreness away -- The Stick. This is a semi-rigid stick with 1" plastic wheels along the length. You roll the stick over the sore muscles for about 20-30 strokes. The result is pretty impressive.

I had a guy demo this on one of my calves at the health and fitness expo before the Seattle Marathon (I just shopped -- no marathon). He told me to walk around the show and see if I felt a difference. It was clearly noticeable! The leg he had rollered felt much better. I bought one.

They come in different sizes and flexibility. I have the Original Body Stick. In addition to my workout soreness, it helps with the knots in my arms and shoulders from typing all day. I love it.

The Stick - Roller Massager: 24 Original Stick

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connie Reply

wow, are you the guy in the photo?

Tony Reply

Why yes, yes, I am... :)

Leslie Irish Evans Reply

I have a stick! I love it, too.

Of course, it will never take the place of a professional theraputic massage. ;-)

Tony Reply

I'd prefer to have a professional theraputic massage over The Stick any day.

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