Our first Googlewhack

Michelle and I searched for our first Googlewhack for a while tonight after dinner. We searched fruitlessly for a while, never getting closer than 73 hits until Michelle received an inspiration from the gods (probably Anubis): scaraboid deguerrotype. The result is a browser log on some getty.edu site -- not exactly exciting, but a Googlewhack nonetheless.

Can you find any?

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John Reply

not yet, but when I tried HYPERTROPHIED PIANOFORTE, I learned both words appear in "Circe", chapter 15 of Ulysses.

Felicity Reply

I finally decided to try my hand at the old googlewhack... Had to give myself a few days before I gave it a go, figured it would come to me in my sleep or something. It isn't something I am willing to spend hours on...
so, I looked around my apartment and notices Clive one of my goldfish was looking a little depressed and typed in: lackadazical goldfish - and well not to brag or anything but I got one, yup first try, I think I'll stop there and not go ruining my luck. thanks Clive.

Tony Reply

You rock, Felicity.

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