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Memorial Church at Stanford University. Photo by me.

I just got back from a quick trip to the Bay Area. After my meeting, I had a little time to visit my Stanford University, my alma mater. It's been probably six years since I've been back to campus.

I had forgotten how much I love it. As I walked through the Quad past Memorial Church ("MemChu" in Stanford parliance, seen above) at night, memories of my years at Stanford came flooding back. It was a special time in my life at a very special place. In some ways I felt twenty years old again, like I never left.

Of course, things have changed a lot since then. I scarcely recognized parts of campus that had lots of new buildings put up, and the students all seem a lot younger than I remember ever being. My old haunts like Miyake have moved to new digs or are no longer around. Heck, even the Stanford Stadium is gone (it's being demolished and rebuilt.)

I wouldn't expect the campus to remain static, but it's odd to simultaneously feel like I'm home and feel like a stranger. I enjoyed the visit and hope to go back again soon, but I think Stanford will always be just a pleasant and significant part of my past.

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