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Well, the title of this post will probably wind up with me getting a lot more random people drifting into this stie...

I think every person has things where they are a leader among their friends; camera/photography stuff might be such an area for me. In other areas, each person has things where they follow their friends. Music discovery is definitely an example of this for me. Throughout my life, I've always been bad at finding new music. Occasionally, I'll have a friend like Chooky who introduce a pile of stuff to me for a period (high school, in Chooky's case); there are then ice ages in my music library where I don't have anyone to draft off of.

My friend Scott is a big fan of music and is always looking for new stuff (like his recent foray into Japanese rock -- also see this post.) He's just started a series in his blog on free MP3 downloads. I like the tune in his first selection and am looking forward to hearing his next selections.

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Scott Reply

We will see how it goes. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

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