My Facebook photoI've always wanted to be one of the cool kids. Still do. Well, now all the cool kids are hanging out in the Facebook. For those of you who are old and uncool like me, the Facebook is Friendster, Orkut, or MySpace for college students. Apparently, people check their Facebook pages multiple times a day, posting photos, writing on their friends' "Wall", and seeing how many friends they can link to.

So, I joined. I still have a Stanford alumni account, so I was able to sign up (you need to go to a supported school or a college affiliated alumni account.) Frankly, it's pretty much like most of the other social net websites with a few exceptions. The privacy standards are lowered so you can browse your school and/or region more easily, the community is a bit more filtered so you have hopefully fewer weirdos (like old alumni lurking), and it's easier to post and tag photos.

It's a bit odd for me on Facebook since I don't really have many friends who have Facebook accounts. I'm pretty much limited to my former interns and recent grad new hires. They've humored me by allowing me to link to them, but I think my network will be pretty small. I may go find my cousins next...

In any case, if you want to find me and link to me, I'm all yours.

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