3M Scotch Tape Runner

tape_runner.gifWhile I'm on the topic of tape and my admiration for 3M, let me mention something slick Michelle brought home. It's the Scotch Tape Runner -- a cross between double-sided tape and a glue stick. You pass the Tape Runner along the item to be taped down. It lays down an archival, photo safe double-sided tape adhesive. No glue blobs, no drying, no tape balls, and no fingerprinty double-sided tape. It's amazing and super easy to use.

Click here for a demo of the Tape Runner.

Available at Amazon and fine stores near you.
Scotch Tape Runner-.33''X472'', Acid Free

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Felicity Reply

though cool, and fun... this isn't really all that new... though not one, have you spoken to a scrapbooker - these things have been around forever!!

Michelle Reply

Actually, I've had this for a long while, thanks to my friend Donna.

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